Disco fever.

l've been watching videos of DJs at work. The clubbers amuse me. It's as if their feet are riveted to the floor and they "jog" from the knees up.

Taken out of context it's fascinating. As if their mechanisms gone.
Like they've been possessed and another organism's in the driving seat and spreads into every cell.

Most perplexing.

There's no social interaction. No dancing together. Indeed, the dancers don't even look at each other? Dancing has become a deeply private & antisocial activity, caught in the moment, alone in a crowd. Personal space is fiercely protected.
The night club is no longer the place where you meet people, you attend a club for a deeply private internalised, self-gratified heady experience.
Perhaps the oddest thing to witness are dancers texting on their mobile phones. It is as if they are divorced from the reality of their immediate surroundings, perhaps indicative of the social media culture where we live behind a screen, connected to the world but in isolation, conducted through devices that remove us from the society that we are attempting to communicate with.

The dance-floor makes an interesting metaphor to help decipher where society is and where it is going. The development of social skills is amongst our species greatest achievements. It has taken thousands of years to develop and yet, we have now de-evolved from communities and collectives, into separatists and isolationists.
It's a world unto itself...and a peculiar one at that! I feel like l'm watching some sort of fixed-smile zombie-like intellectual apocalypse.
And on that happy note...