Disco Science.

Eighties poptatic science.
I'm the self proclaimed world leader of Disco Science (mostly because I've just made it up).
Haven't got a clue if that is true or not. Haven't even done a quick google of it, there could be a whole cult of Disco Science boffins out there for all I know.
But I like it. The science of disco. Sounds like it merits a government grant or something.

Mysterious objects pulsating in an unfamiliar world, ambiguous internal spaces on an imaginary dance floor. Electronic ear candy that becomes hypnotic on the eye.
That my friend is Disco Science, or whatever you make of it.

A randomness in time and space, the possible sub-atomic associations, maybe a graph.

Maybe something that exists in a number of positions at once.

That is the beauty of Pseudo-Disco-Science, see how quickly it evolves.
Entirely open to interpretation. No right or wrong answers, only questions.